Do you believe you’ve suffered a severe back injury?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2023 | ERISA Disability Benefits

You may not immediately notice how severe a back injury is. Some injuries may cause severe agony only for people to find that they simply pulled a muscle. Others have suffered nerve damage and may believe their wounds aren’t that bad.

So how can you tell if your back injury is serious enough to get medical help? Here are some warning signs that your problem could be significant enough to seek help:

3 signs of a serious back injury

Many serious back injuries have common symptoms. Here are some signs you need medical attention right away:

  • Irritation and tingling: You may notice a change in how your hands, feet, arms and legs feel. Numbness or tingling might be early signs of permanent damage, such as spinal cord or nerve injuries.
  • Difficulty breathing: You may have recently developed respiratory issues as well as persistent shortness of breath. Significant back injuries frequently result in breathing problems, especially when there is nerve damage.
  • Symptoms of illness: You may need to keep an eye out for anything you ordinarily wouldn’t connect with a back injury, such as a fever. Additionally, some people experience muscular spasms or have blood in their urine. Problems like these unquestionably indicate that there may be serious inner damage that needs to be taken into account. After a medical evaluation, it may be apparent that these issues were related to a back injury.

Serious back injuries might result in limitations that permanently alter your life. You may need to make sure you are aware of your legal options when seeking disability benefits after you’ve been injured.