A History Of Success In ERISA Claims Matters

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A Well-Established Long-Term Disability (ERISA) Law Firm

For nearly 20 years, Toledano Disability Law has provided the counsel and advocacy needed for people to secure their rightful long-term disability benefits and others. Attorney Reagan Toledano has consistently obtained results through negotiations, federal district courts and appeals. His firm has taken complex cases before appellate courts and the Supreme Court of the United States and obtained relief for clients.

To learn about Reagan’s background, please follow the link below:

If you are interested in speaking with him about ERISA-governed employee benefits, denied claims and related issues, contact Toledano Disability Law to schedule a free consultation.

Things To Know About Disability Insurance Claims

Toledano Disability Law is a small law firm by design. Reagan chooses to provide personalized service directly to every client. He represents people who have been wrongfully denied disability claims under short-term or long-term disability plans covered by ERISA. He also advises clients whose insurance policies are not covered under ERISA.

Reagan is equipped to protect your rights at every stage of the disability claims and appeals process. Do not let an insurance company’s denial of your disability claim discourage you. Call today to learn how to assert your rights to the disability benefits or other benefits that you deserve.

Get Reliable Information And Assistance

If you are not sure what to do about a disability claim denial, contact the law firm today to request a free consultation. Reagan would like to hear about your complex employee benefits situation. You may send a quick message or reach him at 877-281-4789.

From the firm’s law office in downtown New Orleans, across the street from Whitney National Bank, Toledano Disability Law serves clients nationwide.

Se habla español. The firm also provides interpreters for other languages, as needed.