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About Making Claims For ERISA-Governed Disability Benefits

As an employee covered by long-term and short-term disability benefits programs, you may have never expected to need to make a claim. Yet, now you have become temporarily or permanently disabled because of cancer, an injury or a chronic condition, such as a mental illness or a lung ailment. You may receive guidance from your employer’s human resources (HR) department, but who will be on your side if something goes wrong? You need a skilled advocate on your side.

As a career ERISA benefits lawyer, Reagan Toledano can offer some basic guidelines for making a disability insurance claim. For personalized advice and guidance, contact Toledano Disability Law.

Step By Step Claims Procedures

Below is an abbreviated description of the typical disability benefit claims process.

  1. Request information from your employer’s benefit plan about how to file benefits claims, how your benefits will be determined and how you can appeal if your claim is denied or undervalued.
  2. Confirm that you qualify for the benefits you intend to apply for.
  3. Verify with the plan administrator where to file, how to file and whom to ask questions that you may have along the way.
  4. Keep copies of all correspondence with any person or entity associated with the plan, your disabilities and the claim you will submit.
  5. Gather information you may need to substantiate your claim. Complete all required forms and include any requested documentation.
  6. Wait for a reply to your initial filing. ERISA-governed disability benefit plans are expected to respond within 45 days. They may inform you that they need more time. For various reasons, such as requests for more information, they are legally allowed one or more 30-day periods to respond.
  7. If the plan administrator responds with a denial, they should tell you why, and explain how you can appeal.

Ask For Guidance Tailored To Your Case

As you prepare to file for benefits, you may have many questions and doubts. This is a sign that it is time to contact Reagan. His extensive experience and strong track record attract many clients to his law practice.

Reach out to Toledano Disability Law about how to apply for disability benefits and how to be sure that your benefits plan conforms to the rules of ERISA. Call 877-281-4789 or send an email inquiry for a prompt response. Toledano Disability Law serves clients nationwide.