2 reasons people with Fibromyalgia need disability support

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2023 | ERISA Disability Benefits

There are many different medical conditions that can be so debilitating that people can no longer work. Some of these conditions are acute injuries or the consequences of an emergency medical, but others are chronic medical conditions with no major precipitating event.

Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes profuse, chronic pain throughout the body. It is difficult to diagnose, and many people suffer for years with unexplainable pain before their doctor finally tells them that the underlying cause is Fibromyalgia.

Individuals struggling with Fibromyalgia may need to file a claim for long-term disability benefits because of their condition. Why does Fibromyalgia often necessitate disability benefits?

1. Pain compromises every aspect of life

Individuals with Fibromyalgia may experience flares when their pain suddenly gets worse and nearly unbearable. However, many live with constant, low-grade pain throughout their bodies.

That pain can affect their job performance and overall behavior, as they may seek to minimize activities that exacerbate their symptoms. The pain will inevitably impact what job functions someone can perform and possibly how well they can do their job as well.

Some people report issues with decreasing strength and range of motion as a secondary side effect of Fibromyalgia which can also impact work performance and daily function.

2. Their condition affects their mental health

There is a very strong correlation between a fibromyalgia diagnosis and persistent symptoms of depression. Those with a reduced quality of life due to pain and potential social ostracization because of their seemingly invisible illness may develop long-term mental health consequences as a secondary side effect of their condition.

Depression and other mental health struggles associated with physical health conditions can change someone’s mood or personality and make it difficult for them to retain their employment.

Unique and complex medical conditions often require more attention to detail if someone needs to file a claim for disability benefits. Whether they seek long-term disability insurance coverage provided through an employer or private benefits through a policy they purchase themselves, they will likely need assistance managing the process and securing all of the documentation necessary to prove their condition qualifies them for benefits.

Getting proper support can be invaluable for those already struggling with a serious health condition and in need of long-term disability benefits.