How cancer can qualify you for disability

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2022 | ERISA Disability Benefits

Cancer is a genetic disease that causes an uncontrollable growth and degeneration of skin cells. As a result of cancer, victims may experience a wide amount of symptoms: pain, soreness, fatigue, bladder issues, bleeding, jaundice, etc. Cancer is perhaps the leading cause of death in the United States.

As such, many people want to know if they’re eligible for disability because of cancer. Yet, many people believe that disability is only for people with permanently debilitating medical conditions like paralysis, dementia or immune system disorders, and not cancer. This belief often occurs because cancer is treatable, thus, the victim may not need to be on disability forever.

But, the question still stands – can cancer qualify you for disability? Here’s what you should know:

It depends on how cancer alters your life

Some forms of cancer only require a few minor treatments, other times, people have to go through months of chemotherapy before their cancer is removed – and even then there may be lingering cancer or new growth. 

Chemotherapy is, in itself, a harsh cancer treatment that can put a heavy strain on victims suffering from cancer. This may cause a huge impact on a person’s life if their cancer and treatment prevent them from working. 

People who can’t work because of their medical condition may be able to apply for disability, regardless of the cause. With cancer, both the disease itself and your symptoms from treatment can combine to make it impossible for you to stay employed.

Many people still struggle to apply for disability even if they have cancer. This often comes down to difficulties during the paperwork or not having enough evidence of their medical condition. People who are denied disability benefits are often more successful with legal guidance.