Can a worker who has seizures get ERISA disability benefits?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | ERISA Disability Benefits

The first time you have a seizure can be a very disorienting experience. People lose consciousness, often in the middle of an action or conversation. They may have gaps in memory, physical injuries and muscle pain. 

Sometimes the seizure is a one-time medical event brought on by a high fever or a similar, unusual situation. Other times, seizures are the result of an underlying neurological medical condition and may continue to occur even with medical observation and treatment. 

Can you get ERISA-governed disability benefits if you have developed a medical condition that causes seizures? 

Yes, neurological conditions often qualify

The underlying cause of the seizures and the nature of your job will influence whether or not a condition that puts you at risk of seizures is truly a disabling condition. For those who can work from home, it may be possible to continue their employment even when they are at risk of having a seizure. 

For others, the new job responsibilities for the severity of their health concerns will require that they leave their job. Although employers can sometimes accommodate those who have seizures by offering work-from-home arrangements or other safety supports, expecting a worker to perform certain jobs when at risk of a seizure could be a very dangerous choice. 

You may need to prove that your employer is unable to accommodate you or that your seizures are a constant risk on the job to get benefits. Gathering proper documentation is often a crucial step for those who need ERISA disability benefits when they must leave their job because of a health issue.