What is a sedentary occupation?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2022 | ERISA Disability Benefits

Most people think they know what defines a sedentary occupation. It’s a job where the worker sits for most of the time that they are on the clock, with brief interludes of standing or walking. This can prompt insurance companies or courts to deny long-term disability insurance benefits, believing that the worker with a disability or ailment should be able to sit at their workspace and do their job.

Sedentary work can be too demanding

However, sedentary work has its physical challenges, so a worker with disabilities or ailments may not be physically capable of sitting for long periods, which leads doctors to recommend that a worker is physically unable to sit for the hours outlined as sedentary work. The Dictionary of Occupational Titles defines sedentary work as sitting for six hours of an eight-hour shift. If the worker’s condition makes it impossible to do sedentary work, then it should not be a viable option.

Help for getting the benefits you deserve

Those with questions about their ERISA claim or appealing a denial of long-term disability benefits can speak with an attorney who handles these issues. These legal professionals can advocate for a fair review of the client’s insurance disability benefits case and help better ensure proper outcome from the company reviewing the case of the courts handling an appeal.