Can you qualify for ERISA disability benefits for fibromyalgia?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2022 | ERISA Disability Benefits

Some people need to apply for disability benefits after an accident or a medical event like a heart attack. Others will apply for benefits after a diagnosis finally confirms what they have known for years. People diagnosed with fibromyalgia often endure a long process to receive that diagnosis.

It is often a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning that doctors have ruled out every other reasonable explanation for their persistent and widespread pain. Individuals struggling with fibromyalgia may have pain so bad that they have issues sleeping or focusing to their work.

Could you potentially qualify for ERISA disability benefits offered through your employer because of fibromyalgia?

The severity of your symptoms will affect your claim

Fibromyalgia, like many other chronic conditions, varies in its presentation from person to person. Some people with fibromyalgia have occasional flare-ups that they can manage relatively well. Others have persistent, constant symptoms that make performing the tasks of daily living a challenge.

The worse someone’s symptoms are and the more thorough their medical history documenting the effects of the pain that they suffer is, the better their chances of approval for long-term disability benefits. The age of the applicant and their profession can also influence their claim. An applicant typically needs to show that their condition is severe enough to prevent them from maintaining gainful employment.

Someone initially denied benefits out of policy covered by aerosol may be able to appeal that decision and get the support they need while adjusting to life after their diagnosis. Understanding your rights when you have ERISA-governed disability coverage through your employer could help you get the support you need for your medical issues.