Can social media activity obstruct your disability claim? 

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2022 | ERISA Disability Benefits

Billions of people across the globe use social media every day. For many, it offers a way to keep in touch with distant relatives. For others, it provides a means of venting their frustrations in life. 

Often, people engage in and create social media posts without considering the wider impact it could have on their life. In reality, what may at first seem to be an innocent post could have a significant bearing on any live legal case. This is worth bearing in mind. 

Inconsistencies in your claim

While it may be in your best interests to receive payment for your ailments, insurance companies don’t really want to payout. At the end of the day, a long-term disability claim hurts their bottom line. For this reason, they will seek to find ways to show inconsistencies in your version of events.

This can include scanning your social media pages to observe what you are up to. If your claim rests upon the fact that your mobility has been significantly decreased, photo evidence of you partaking in physical activities could weaken your case. Even if the photos were from a different time or are taken out of context, they could still offer insurance companies a line of argument to pursue. 

Know the risks

There are steps that you can take to increase your privacy, such as changing the settings on your accounts. However, these are not foolproof and ultimately there is no way to stay fully secure. Challenges based on your social media activity are a distinct possibility and this is worth keeping in mind as you move forward with your claim. 

It is important that you receive the benefits you are entitled to receive. As you go through this process, being familiar with your legal rights will be of great benefit.