What should you look for in an ERISA attorney?

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2020 | ERISA Disability Benefits

If you are making an ERISA claim or appealing a claim that has been denied, you may be thinking about hiring an attorney to help you through the process. What qualities should you look for in that attorney? What skills do they need to bring to the table?

Perhaps the most important thing is looking for someone who is compassionate and who cares about the outcome. This isn’t just a case that can help you; it can define your financial future from here on out. It’s very important to you, and you need a legal team that respects that. You also need someone who is dedicated to doing research and gathering information. These are complex cases where a lot of research is required. Other qualities to look for in an attorney include:

  • Someone who is understanding and spends time getting to know your case. 
  • Someone who is experienced and has been through the legal process before. 
  • Someone who is easy to communicate with and who gives you updates on your case. 
  • Someone who has good chemistry with you and who is easy to work with. 
  • Someone who has availability and will give your case the time and effort it deserves. 

Above all, you need an attorney who knows what is at stake and who is dedicated to fighting for the best possible results. Every case is unique. No lawyer wins every single case. But you need someone who has that drive and determination, who puts you first and strives to make things right. They can help you look into your legal options and understand the steps you can take to preserve your rights and advance your claim.