Fight back if your claim for an accidental death is denied

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2020 | Wrongful Death

Accidental deaths happen, and when they do, families have an opportunity to file a claim. An accidental death and dismemberment claim can be helpful to those who have lost loved ones, because the insurance carrier should pay out benefits that cover medical care, lost wages and other financial issues caused by the incident.

Unfortunately, it’s common for insurance agencies to deny accidental death and dismemberment insurance claims, even if those deaths or dismemberments should be covered. If the company finds, or claims, that the covered party killed themselves or that their death was natural, then they may not pay out.

For example, imagine if you are driving with a loved one and they suddenly begin to feel unwell with a severe headache. They might swerve or take their eyes off the road, leading to a crash. If they die in that collision and it’s discovered that they had a brain aneurism, then the insurance provider might claim that the medical emergency was the cause of death, not the collision. That could happen, even if you can say that they were aware or alive at the time of the crash and weren’t after the impact.

Coverage can sometimes be denied if the company believes a suicide took place, too. For instance, if your loved one accidentally takes too much of a medication they were prescribed, they might be drowsier than normal. They could then end up falling asleep behind the wheel before causing a crash. The company may allege that the intention was suicide. They might show the overdose of the medication as a way to “prove” that they’re right.

It’s awful to have to fight for compensation after a loved one dies. Our website has more on what steps to take if your claim is denied.