Brain injuries may impact future learning

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2020 | ERISA Disability Benefits

Does your career require you to continue learning a lot of new information? Do you work in an industry, such as the tech industry, that is always changing and growing? This can be very exciting when things are going well, but it is clear that your ability to thrive in this field is directly tied to your ability to keep learning. If anything changes that ability, it could make your chosen career all but impossible. 

That’s one of the major issues with a brain injury. These injuries are famously hard to understand and treat, as different people tend to have different symptoms. Some have trouble with mobility, others have trouble with speech and still others can develop altered personalities. One potential symptom is difficulty learning “a lot of new information all at once.”

For years, you have thrived as someone who can learn quickly and retain information. If it’s not that simple anymore, you have to consider how that is going to impact your career. Can you still work? Can you have the type of professional success you need?

With this type of condition, other ramifications from the injury may heal. You may walk, talk and listen just like anyone else. From the outside, everyone thinks that you are fine. Inside, though, you know that the traumatic brain injury (TBI) still changes your day-to-day life. 

Don’t spend time thinking that what others assume about you must be true. You know your body and you know where you stand. Instead, devote your energy into looking into all of the legal options you have when living with a long-term or short-term disability. An experienced advocate may be able to help.