As an executive, you could be entitled to hidden disability benefits

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2020 | ERISA Disability Benefits

As an executive, you have extensive benefits that you should understand. When you are hurt on the job and need to file for ERISA disability coverage, you should be informed of your rights and the benefits that you can receive. 

Beyond just receiving a basic income, there may be other benefits such as:

  • Receiving continuing payments to your retirement portfolio
  • Stock bonus program participation
  • Retirement program benefits and continued participation benefits
  • Continued dental and medical coverage through the employer

When you sign on with a company as an executive, you’ll have a contract that details all of these benefits. It’s important that you take time to get to know the benefits that your specific company allows. Sometimes, these are called “hidden benefits,” because you may not have thoroughly discussed them when you initially signed the contract.

Today, your contract matters. If you are leaving your company because of an injury and long-term disability, it’s only fair that you are able to obtain all of the contractual benefits to which you are rightfully entitled. 

It can be hard to understand the finer points of some contracts, so if you aren’t sure which benefits you’re entitled to receive, your attorney would be happy to go over the contract with you and help you better understand your legal rights.

If you’ve already applied for and have received a denial of benefits for your ERISA disability claim, it’s doubly important to reach out, especially if you want to file an appeal. Our website has more information on the steps to take next in order to win your case.