Appealing denied disability benefits for oil field workers

On Behalf of | May 6, 2016 | Disability

While all workers throughout Louisiana can be hurt on the job, given the very nature of the work, those in the oil and gas field industry are in a unique spot when it comes to job risks. It’s important for workers to not only understand these risks, but to also know where to turn for help after an injury results in the need for disability benefits.

Willeford & Toledano is a law firm based out of New Orleans. However, we are not bound to our office location and serve those who are entitled to receive disability benefits. Our focus is helping those who have had their disability benefits covered by ERISA denied. We also handle cases involving accidental death and dismemberment claim denials.

Over a five-year time, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration took a close look at the oil and gas extraction and support industries in terms of employee safety. According to OSHA, workers face many different dangerous conditions, including those involving explosions and fires, falls and exposure to chemicals. Other unsafe conditions include the risk of getting caught in or between equipment on the job.

During these same five years, 823 workers died due to their work injuries. This number showed a rate that was seven times higher than the fatality rate for all other industries.

Do not lose hope. Help is available after a claim denial.

For those working in the oil and gas field industry, we are sure this information is nothing new. The job can be dangerous. However, what many workers may not realize is that not only do they have the right to seek disability benefits after an injury, but that they can appeal a denial.

The sad truth is that insurance companies do not always have the best interests of the workers in mind. Rather, these companies are more concerned with their bottom lines. For the person who was hurt on the job — or the family who lost someone in a workplace accident — working with these companies to try to get the benefits that are deserved can be heart wrenching. At an already emotional time, it is vital to have attorneys on your side who have a deep understanding of ERISA law and know how to best apply the law to the specific case.