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Experienced ERISA Lawyer In Louisiana

Toledano Disability Law has helped clients navigate the complexities of ERISA law for nearly two decades. Attorney Reagan Toledano works with individuals seeking employer-sponsored disability benefits, as well as those denied these benefits. He also assists people with other ERISA-related matters, including overpayments and off-set issues.

Based in New Orleans, Toledano Disability Law serves clients in Louisiana and nationwide. Reagan is also available to answer any questions individuals may have regarding overpayments, off-set issues and related matters.

An Overview Of Overpayments

On some occasions, recipients of ERISA benefits receive additional compensation related to their injuries, perhaps through settlements or government assistance. These amount to overpayments, and recipients cannot keep both sets of funds. Any surplus payment received must be returned to insurers.

Reimbursing overpayments is not something ERISA recipients should attempt alone. An attorney’s assistance is crucial for ensuring the correct amount of funds ends up in the correct place.

An Explanation Of Off-Setting

Off-setting refers to the recouping of overpayments through the underpayment of other benefits ERISA recipients may receive now or in the future. For instance, if you received an overpayment in the form of an insurance settlement, you may see deductions to any Social Security Disability benefits you qualify for. As unfair as off-setting seems, it is a common practice that breaks no laws.

The terms that govern off-sets are set by insurance companies. Off-setting only occurs when ERISA benefit recipients fail to reimburse overpayments on their own initiative.

Help Is On The Way

ERISA cases are intricate and require an attorney’s help to handle them. Toledano Disability Law offers free case evaluations to prospective clients. Call CALL or contact Reagan online if you have concerns about ERISA overpayments or off-set issues.