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No ERISA, No Problem: Representation For Other Insurance Cases

After paying for insurance coverage over the years, you expect your insurance company to support you in times of need. However, if you need medical care that you believe the policy covers, there is still a chance that your insurer will deny your claim or make a mistake.

Even if your disability insurance or health insurance is not through your employer, you still have legal remedies for an insurance dispute in Louisiana. In fact, policyholders typically have more rights and better options in these cases. Insurance issues are our primary focus at Willeford & Toledano APLC, and we know how to properly assist you.

What Are Bad Faith Insurance Cases?

Whether you had emergency medical care or are preparing a treatment plan, you can file a claim for care that your policy covers. However, insurance policies are often hard for the average policyholder to fully read and understand. Insurance companies could try to use this obstacle to their advantage and overlook errors that increase their profits.

While many disputes are matters of misunderstandings, some wrongful claim denials are intentional. These intentional cases are known as bad faith, and it is up to the policyholder to catch bad faith claim denials and pursue justice with a dedicated attorney.

Resolving Insurance Coverage Disputes

Common causes of insurance claim disputes and bad faith claims include:

  • Different interpretations of policy terms and conditions
  • Disagreement about whether a procedure or test is medically necessary
  • The insurer’s failure to disclose all policy details and coverage limits
  • Missed filing deadlines due to incomplete information, unreasonable requests for information, insurer unresponsiveness or unnecessary delays on the part of the insurance company
  • Alleged harassment of the claimant

You can work with a lawyer at Willeford & Toledano APLC to hold your insurance provider accountable whether or not the Employee Retirement Income Security Act applies. We know the importance of getting the financial support to protect your health and treat serious medical problems. Our attorneys are skilled in litigation, arbitration and negotiation, and we will do what it takes to pursue your claim.

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Insurance cases typically involve extensive paperwork, strategic communication and careful research. When you have a medical concern, your physical and mental needs should be your priority. Let us take the burden of your casework off your shoulders.

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