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Experienced Counsel For Health Insurance Claims

At Willeford & Toledano APLC, we help clients resolve insurance disputes as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. If you or a loved one was treated at a hospital or another medical facility only to have the insurance carrier deny coverage, we are here to help.

Was your health insurance claim denied? Contact our law office online today for help obtaining reimbursement for your medical bills.

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Health Insurance Denials In Louisiana

Our attorneys understand how frustrating and burdensome it can be when an insurance company wrongfully denies coverage after receiving medical treatment. With the help of an experienced lawyer, however, it can be much easier to resolve your insurance troubles and get the relief you need.

Insurance companies have seemingly endless resources that they use to continuously deny health insurance coverage, often dragging individual policyholders through endless levels of appeals. You do not have to put up with abusive insurance companies — we believe you should receive your full benefits as soon as possible.

Example Situation Of A Wrongful Denial Of Coverage

Insurance companies pad their pocketbook by paying out as few benefits as possible. This is evidenced when a person receives medical treatment at a hospital for services covered under his or her policy, yet benefits are ultimately denied. This could leave an individual and his or her family with a mountain of medical debt they are unable to pay.

Our firm holds insurance companies accountable and ensures they abide by the terms of your agreement — we fight hard until our clients receive the money they need.

Private Insurance Vs. Employer-Provided Insurance

Our firm can assist you whether your health coverage is through your employer or you have private insurance. We can also help whether you were injured on the job or outside of work. If you are covered by an employee-sponsored health care plan, we will file an ERISA claim as soon as possible. If you have private insurance, we will discuss your several options and proceed in a way that will best meet your needs.

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